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Animals and Birds

Landscapes, Towns, London, Beaches,  Lakes and Rivers, Figures, animals and birds, and Portraits



"I live in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, and many of the paintings for sale on this site are Oxfordshire landscapes, with the Chilterns and countryside round Oxford affording an infinite wealth of rural scenes.

As well as local subjects, I frequently paint in other parts of England, France, Italy, Spain and Greece. 

Cityscapes are also a popular theme, and there are paintings of British and European towns and cities. Paintings of London are the most common, but I have also painted in Paris, Rome, Sienna, and Athens, among other towns and cities.

The sea, rivers, especially the Thames,  and beaches are favourite subjects. Figures enjoying the sunshine or walking on the sand on cloudy autumn days are recurrent themes. In particular, reflections in water, and interesting skies feature very often in these paintings.

I also enjoy portrait painting, and will accept commissions for these at very competitive prices. I will also paint animals and pets, and pet-portraits are a popular side of my art. These are inclined to be of dogs and cats, but I often paint sheep, cows and other animals.

Another subject for commission could be your house, or your favourite view.!

All the paintings for sale are in oils and in fact cover every subject apart from abstract art. In every case, the frames, designed and made individually for each painting, are included in the price. Delivery is free in the UK."

David Welsh Paintings for Sale by Art-in-Oils, 40 New Street, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England, RG9 2BT